lbp needleWelcome to the website of the Danish Society of Infectious Diseases (DSI).

The site contains guidelines, news about infectious diseases and information about upcoming events of relevance.

At present, most of the information is only available in danish. But please feel free to contact any member of the Board listed below for information about DSI and its activities.

The Board

Carsten Schade Larsen, MD, DMSc (Chairman)

Lone Mygind, MD, PhD (Secretary)

Ann-Brit Eg Hansen, MD, PhD (Treasurer)

Rikke Krogh-Madsen, MD, PhD

Isik Somuncu Johansen, MD, DMSc

Daniel Faurholt-Jepsen, MD, PhD

Problems with the website?

Feel free to contact the webmaster

Christian P. Fischer, MD, PhD