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Guideline vedrørende diagnostik og behandling af malaria. Udarbejdet af Kim David, Carsten Schade Larsen, Peter Ellekvist, Signe Maj Sørensen og Lasse Vestergaard

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…titis | Nina Weis (formand), Peer B Christensen, Alex Lund Laursen | I samarbejde med gastroenterologer Malaria | Carsten Schade Larsen, Lasse Skafte Vestergaard, Peter Ellekvist, Signe Maj Sørensen og Kim David M…

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17.08.2021, Bangkok, Thailand

4.05.2020, Statens Serum Institut

11.06.2019, Frederiksberg Campus, Dyrlægevej 100, 1870 Frederiksberg

1.04.2019, København

8.05.2017, København

31.03.2017, Frederiksberg

18.09.2016, Brisbane, Australien

9.06.2015, København

13.04.2015, Statens Serum Institut

26.09.2014, Auditorium 2, Rigshospitalet

7.04.2014, Statens Serum Institut, København

2.04.2014, Cape Town, Sydafrika

4.06.2013, København

3.05.2013, Hindsgavl, Fyn

8.04.2013, Statens Serum Institut

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The Lancet Infectious Diseases
…ouyate of Center for Training and Research on Priority Diseases including Malaria in Guinea was not listed as an author of this Article. Additionally, the affiliations of Verena Krähling, Stephan Becker, and Stephan Günther were incorrectly listed.

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
Abstract To maintain momentum towards improved malaria control and elimination, a vaccine would be a key addition to the intervention toolkit. Two approaches are recommended: (1) promote the development and short to medium term de…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
Abstract Background Solving the problem of malaria requires a highly skilled workforce with robust infrastructure, financial backing and sound programme management coordinated by a stra…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
…y (through a network of community structures) in social and behaviour change (SBC) activities can add value in an effort for malaria prevention towards a long-term objective of elimination. This approach has been implemented since 2011 in some rural …

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
Abstract Background Malaria still represents a major health threat, in terms of both morbidity and mortality. Complications of malaria present a diversified clinical spectrum, with neur…

Nature Medicine
Nature Medicine, Published online: 23 November 2020; doi:10.1038/s41591-020-01171-yPlasmodium falciparum parasites survive the dry season by accepting increased clearance rates through the host spleen, which leads to a persistent lower-level infe…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
Abstract Background Automated detection of malaria and dengue infection has been actively researched for more than two decades. Although many improvements have been achieved, these solu…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
…nes, transgene expression, and gene editing. Despite this, there is a paucity of defined promoters for the rodent-infectious malaria parasites. This is especially true for Plasmodium yoelii, which is often used to study the mosquito and liver stages …

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
…two codons encoding amino acids of the globin chains. One in three Ghanaians are said to have sickle cell disorders, whereas malaria continues to be one of the leading causes of mortality among children. This study determined the prevalence of sickle…

Latest Results for Malaria Journal
Abstract Background This paper investigates the impact of malaria preventive interventions in Ghana and the prospects of achieving programme goals using mathematical models based on reg…

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HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…udanDoctors say cases and dozens of deaths from the disease have occurred since the August [2020] floods, with cases of malaria and cholera also on the rise.An outbreak of Rift Valley fever has killed dozens of people and infected more than …

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
Introduction Malaria is a notifiable disease in all European Union and European Economic Area countries except Belgium and France, where only autochthonous malaria is notifiable. Although morbidity caused by malaria has been assessed, little is known…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Malaria -- IndiaThe AIIMS [All India Institute of Medical Science] researchers found the presence of malaria parasite _Plasmodium knowlesi_ in the north Indian population while doing a study on patients with acute febrile illnesses (AFI) and pat…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Malaria -- IndiaAccording to a municipal report released on Monday [10 Aug 2020], 45 cases of malaria have been reported in the national capital this year till [8 Aug 2020].The commissioner of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) had…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…esistance, Bacterial Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Enterovirus, Other Human Disease, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, Rabies, Chikungunya, Malaria, Influenza -- Worldwide/UnknownSetting priorities for patient-centered surveillance of drug-resistant infections…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Malaria -- United StatesThe 3rd Annual Innovations Pitch Competition will highlight tools and methods that will improve vaccine acceptance, accessibility and delivery, and diagnosis and treatment, of high impact diseases in the pediatric populat…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
COVID-19 -- Worldwide/UnknownWHO said that it was discontinuing its trials of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and combination HIV drug lopinavir/ritonavir in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 after the medications failed to reduce mortalit…

WHO Disease Outbreak News
…he Christian Alliance Hospital in Bongolo and the University hospital in the capital Libreville where the case received anti-malarial treatment and remained hospitalized until his death on 9 April 2020. On 14 April 2020, the laboratory results receiv…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…o be related to COVID-19. Even when there were controversial reports from government quarters, and the deaths conflated with malaria and meningitis, many health professionals, in the trenches, that I spoke with were unequivocal in their conclusions t…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Malaria -- Worldwide/UnknownAbstract--------A possible malaria control approach involves the dissemination in mosquitoes of inherited symbiotic microbes to block plasmodium transmission. However, in the _Anopheles gambiae_ complex, the…


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