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Sven Magnus Hector og Peter Thielsen, Medicinsk afdeling, Frederiksberg Hospital

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Rekommandationer for initial behandling af sepsis og septisk shock (Sepsis-3). Version 4, 2017. Arbejdsgruppe: Overlæge Gitte Kronborg, professor overlæge Thomas Benfield, overlæge Gitte Pedersen, professor overlæge Annmarie T Lassen, overlæge…

Flowchart for initial behandling af sepsis og septisk shock (Sepsis-3). Version 4, 2017. Arbejdsgruppe: Overlæge Gitte Kronborg, professor overlæge Thomas Benfield, overlæge Gitte Pedersen, professor overlæge Annmarie T Lassen, overlæge Christ…

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…lle Ravn. Semi-intensivgruppen: Merete Storgaard, Christian Søborg, Ulla HjortFor yderligere info, klik her. Sepsisgruppen: Gitte Kronborg, Gitte Pedersen, Lotte Ebdrup, Jannik Helwig, Thomas Benfield, Annmarie T Lassen, Christian Sø…

Nedenstående Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score udregnes på baggrund af den let modificerede SOFA-score, som fremgår af Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicins vejledninger vedrørende sepsis.

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Clinical Infectious Diseases Advance Access
AbstractBackgroundLate-onset sepsis (LOS) with Staphylococcus epidermidis is common in preterm infants, but the immunological mechanisms underlying heightened susceptibility are poorly understood.AimTo characterise the ontogeny of cytokine responses …

JAMA Current Issue
…s tempered when HES solutions were reported to be harmful when administered to critically ill patients, including those with sepsis. Despite these concerns, HES is still used in surgery under the premise that lower doses infused under strict protocol…

Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
…ound Group B Streptococcal (GBS) infections in the United States are a leading cause of meningitis and sepsis in newborns. The CDC therefore recommends GBS screening for all pregnant women at 35–37 weeks of gestation and adm…

Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
…tients with asplenia have a significantly increased lifelong risk of severe invasive infections, particular post-splenectomy sepsis (PSS). Clear preventive measures have been described in the literature, but previous studies found poor implementation…

Critical Care Medicine - Online First
Objectives: To assess whether the triage model Sepsis Alert for Emergency Departments results in improved initial care of patients with severe infections. Design: Interventional study comparing patient care before and after the start of a new triag…

Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
… Background Vaginal candidiasis is frequent in pregnant women and is associated with sepsis and adverse neonatal outcomes. This study determined the prevalence of candida species in symptomatic pregnant women a…

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
AbstractBackgroundOncostatin-M (OSM) is a pleiotropic cytokine of the IL-6 family. The role of OSM in sepsis remains unknown.MethodsSerum OSM level was determined and analyzed in septic patients on day of intensive care unit (ICU) admission. Furtherm…

Critical Care Medicine - Online First
Objectives: Survivors of sepsis are frequently left with significant cognitive and behavioral impairments. These complications derive from nonresolving inflammation that persists following hospital discharge. To date, no study has investigated the e…

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
…ive hospitalizations was 2 days (IQR 1-4), 18% (95% confidence interval (CI) 15-21%) resulted in delivery, 10% (95% CI 8-12%) included a pneumonia diagnosis, 5% (95% CI 3-6%) required intensive care, 2% (95% CI 1-3%) included a sepsis diagnosis, and

Critical Care Medicine - Online First
…L). Interventions: None. Measurements and Main Results: Patients were categorized into hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, sepsis, septic shock, and other diagnoses. These were further categorized into 17 subgroups. Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytos…

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Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines
A rapid blood assay accurately classifies risk according to severity and suggests higher-dose antibiotics should be an early option for patients with severe sepsis whose outlook is poor, new data show.

Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines
Three medical stories that we didn't cover, explained.

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
…heese) was served. After the celebration, 11 individuals developed gastrointestinal symptoms, including one case with severe sepsis. Cases had consumed mixed platters with several meat products and pâtés originating from a local production facility…

Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines
An effective intervention for severe sepsis and septic shock can't come soon enough.

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Staph -- United StatesA total of 4 people in 3 states developed sepsis after receiving bacteria-contaminated platelet transfusions between May and October last year [2018], according to a US government report released Thursday [13 Jun 2019]. One…

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
Whole genome sequencing indicated a potential common source of bacterial contamination among four cases of septic transfusion reactions occurring in three states.

Eurosurveillance: Most Recent Articles
…nic liver disease (13.1%). Death occurred in 17% of patients, more frequently among those ≥ 65 years old (67.5%), with sepsis (39.9%) or with meningoencephalitis (19.2%). Conclusion Listeriosis is an emergent public health problem in Spai…

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
…ns, sepsis, and death. Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) has long been recognized as a pathogen associated with health care settings; however, in the 1990s, community-associated MRSA infections, causing mostly SSTI, emerged in the United States.

Medscape Infectious Diseases Headlines
Guidelines to prevent antibiotic overuse have cut prescribing by 13% in the UK but may be putting older patients with UTIs at risk for bloodstream infections and death.

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
Sepsis -- China"_Enterobacter_ strains 090008T and 090028T were recovered from the blood of 2 different patients at West China Hospital, Chengdu, PR China in 2017. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene and multi-locus sequence analysi…


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