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Ved Hans-Jürgen Christen

Ved Johan S. Bakken

Ved Kristian Kofoed

Ved Lars Hagberg

Ved Ram Dessau

Klinik, diagnostik og behandling af Lyme Borreliose i Danmark. Forfattergruppen er nedsat af Dansk Selskab for Klinisk Mikrobiologi, Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicin og Dansk Neurologisk Selskab.

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…viral terapigruppen: Henrik Nielsen, Jan Gerstoft, Jens Lundgren, Alex Laursen, Niels Obel, Olav Larsen, Gitte Kronborg Borreliagruppen (i samarbejde med neurologer, dermatologer og kliniske mikrobiologer): Anne-Mette Lebech, Sigurdur Skarphedin…

…rogram vil I foreslå? / Gruppe 4 15.35-15.55 Opsamling til patienten, der præsenterer sig med feber og ledsymptomer: borrelia, gonore, TB / Pernille Ravn 15.55-16.15 Flytte til andet lokale 16.15-17.30 Patientcase / Gruppearbejde/p…

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17.06.2015, CHIP, Øster Allé 56, 2100 København Ø

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Latest Results for BMC Infectious Diseases
…ent was infected with Anaplasma phagocytophilum – the agent of human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA) and in the other with Borrelia garinii. Conclusions O…

PLOS ONE: sortOrder=DATE_NEWEST_FIRST&filterJournals=PLoSONE&q=subject%3A%22infectious+diseases%22
by Shanna K. Williams, Zachary P. Weiner, Robert D. Gilmore Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme borreliosis, can elude hosts’ innate and adaptive immunity as part of the course of infection. The ability of B. burgdorferi to invade or b…

PLOS ONE: sortOrder=DATE_NEWEST_FIRST&filterJournals=PLoSONE&q=subject%3A%22infectious+diseases%22
…. Anand Narayanan, Sanjib Mukherjee, David C. Zawieja, John A. Watt, Catherine A. Brissette, M. Karen Newell-Rogers Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease, is a vector-borne bacterial infection that is transmitted through …

IAI Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the agent of Lyme disease (LD), uses host-derived signals to modulate gene expression during the vector and mammalian phases of infection. Microarray analysis of mutants lacking Borrelia host-adaptation Regulator (BadR) rev…

AAC Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
Objectives: Borrelia miyamotoi is an emerging relapsing fever (RF) Borrelia species that is described to cause human disease in regions where Lyme borreliosis is endemic. We have recently shown that B. miyamotoi tick isolates are resistant to amoxici…

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: Most Recent Articles
…m 193 raccoon dogs and 114 ticks, two samples were positive for Anaplasma phagocytophilum, four for Anaplasma bovis, two for Borrelia theileri, and two for Bartonella henselae. To the best of our knowledge, this study is the largest survey of raccoon…

Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal
L. Karan et al.

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
…is suggested by the observation that arthropod saliva facilitates transmission of pathogens, including leishmania parasites, Borrelia burgdorferi, and some arboviruses. Viruses carried within mosquito saliva may more easily initiate host infection by…

Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal
Y. Yang et al.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Borrelia miyamotoi disease (BMD) is an emerging tick-borne disease in the Northern hemisphere. Serodiagnosis by measuring antibodies against glycerophosphodiester-phosphodiesterase (GlpQ) has been performed experimentally but has not been extensively…

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HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…cquired "cave fever" in Israel in 1988. The regional pathogen, _Borrelia persica_ is found in approximately 10 percent of caves and is transmitted by _Ornithodorus tholozani_, an argassid ("soft") tick. The annual incidence has remained fairly stable

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…a. Can J Infect Dis Microbiol 2009; 20(3): e100-e102; 2. Dibernardo A, Cote T, Ogden NH, Lindsay LR. The prevalence of _Borrelia miyamotoi_ infection, and other co-infections with other _Borrelia_ spp in _Ixodes scapularis_ tick collected in Can…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…icularly those of _Plasmodium vivax_, are released in blood specimens prior to staining, and bear a striking resemblance to _Borrelia_ spp. [1]Reference---------1. Berger SA, David L. Pseudo-borreliosis in patients with malaria. Am J Tr…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…ntify, given its rarity and variety of clinical presentations (1,2). We describe a case of culture-confirmed TBRF caused by _Borrelia turicatae_ acquired by a soldier during a military training exercise in Texas, USA.The patient was a 31 year old…