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Ved Hans-Jürgen Christen

Ved Johan S. Bakken

Ved Kristian Kofoed

Ved Lars Hagberg

Ved Ram Dessau

Klinik, diagnostik og behandling af Lyme Borreliose i Danmark. Forfattergruppen er nedsat af Dansk Selskab for Klinisk Mikrobiologi, Dansk Selskab for Infektionsmedicin og Dansk Neurologisk Selskab.

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…viral terapigruppen: Henrik Nielsen, Jan Gerstoft, Jens Lundgren, Alex Laursen, Niels Obel, Olav Larsen, Gitte Kronborg Borreliagruppen (i samarbejde med neurologer, dermatologer og kliniske mikrobiologer): Anne-Mette Lebech, Sigurdur Skarphedin…

…rogram vil I foreslå? / Gruppe 4 15.35-15.55 Opsamling til patienten, der præsenterer sig med feber og ledsymptomer: borrelia, gonore, TB / Pernille Ravn 15.55-16.15 Flytte til andet lokale 16.15-17.30 Patientcase / Gruppearbejde/p…

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9.11.2018, Korsør

17.06.2015, CHIP, Øster Allé 56, 2100 København Ø

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IAI Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
Quantitative and microscopic tracking of Borrelia afzelii transmission from infected Ixodes ricinus nymphs has shown transmission cycle different from Borrelia burgdorferi and Ixodes scapularis. Borrelia afzelii are abundant in the guts of unfed I. r…

Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal
R. P. Smith et al.

IAI Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
…T cell-mediated defense against plague. Other important human bacterial pathogens including staphylococci, streptococci, and borrelia, likewise produce virulence factors that promote fibrin degradation. The discovery that Yp thwarts T cell defense by…

International Journal of Infectious Diseases

PLOS ONE: sortOrder=DATE_NEWEST_FIRST&filterJournals=PLoSONE&q=subject%3A%22infectious+diseases%22
…. Koffi Lyme disease, the most commonly reported vector-borne disease in North America, is caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, which is transmitted by Ixodes scapularis in eastern Canada and Ixodes pacificus in weste…

IAI Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
Lyme disease is caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted via the bite of an infected tick. B. burgdorferi enters the skin, disseminates via the bloodstream, and infects various distal tissues leading to inflammatory sequelae s…

The Journal of Infectious Diseases Advance Access
AbstractBackgroundBorrelia burgdorferi sensu lato spirochetes (Borrelia) causing Lyme borreliosis are able to disseminate from the initial entry site to distant organs in the host. Outer surface adhesins are crucial in the bacterial dissemination and…

IAI Accepts: Articles Published Ahead of Print
…ding the specificity of B cell responses and the role of immune responses in pathogenicity, we infected Rhesus macaques with Borrelia turicatae (a new world RF spirochete species) by tick bite and monitored the immune responses generated in response …

PLOS ONE: sortOrder=DATE_NEWEST_FIRST&filterJournals=PLoSONE&q=subject%3A%22infectious+diseases%22
…fton, Daniel Wibberg, Alexandra Dangel, Durdica Marosevic, Siew-May Loh, Charlotte Oskam, Volker Fingerle The genus Borrelia, originally described by Swellengrebel in 1907, contains tick- or louse-transmitted spirochetes belonging to the rel…

Clinical Microbiology and Infection
The short commentary focuses on the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis with special respect to serological testing. The methods of serological testing are summarized with strong recommendation to use the tests only in patients with sysmptoms consistent wi…

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HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…llness this summer [2018], especially when a tick was found on a child in South Glens Falls [New York] testing positive for _Borrelia miyamotoi_ (_B. miyamotoi_), a tick-borne disease as well as Lyme disease.Patients with _B. miyamotoi_ are most …

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…cquired "cave fever" in Israel in 1988. The regional pathogen, _Borrelia persica_ is found in approximately 10 percent of caves and is transmitted by _Ornithodorus tholozani_, an argassid ("soft") tick. The annual incidence has remained fairly stable

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…a. Can J Infect Dis Microbiol 2009; 20(3): e100-e102; 2. Dibernardo A, Cote T, Ogden NH, Lindsay LR. The prevalence of _Borrelia miyamotoi_ infection, and other co-infections with other _Borrelia_ spp in _Ixodes scapularis_ tick collected in Can…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…icularly those of _Plasmodium vivax_, are released in blood specimens prior to staining, and bear a striking resemblance to _Borrelia_ spp. [1]Reference---------1. Berger SA, David L. Pseudo-borreliosis in patients with malaria. Am J Tr…

HealthMap Global Disease Alerts
…ntify, given its rarity and variety of clinical presentations (1,2). We describe a case of culture-confirmed TBRF caused by _Borrelia turicatae_ acquired by a soldier during a military training exercise in Texas, USA.The patient was a 31 year old…