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Dokumenter [1]

…n gravid kvinde som udgangspunkt kun skal foretages, hvis hun har symptomer og har rejst i et af de pågældende områder. - at par eller mænd, der har rejst i områder med forekomst anbefales nu at bruge prævention i tre måneder efter hjemkomst mod tidligere seks. Kvinder anbefales fortsat at vente to måneder med at blive gravide efter hjemkomst fra område med forekomst af zikavirus. Se også på www.sst.dk/da/udgivelser/2019/Retningslinjer-til-sundhedsprofessionelle-infektion-med-zikavirus/

Kalender [3]

29. april 2016, Hindsgavl, Middelfart
8. marts 2016, Kommunehospitalet, København

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Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
…eview . Arbovirus infections are a challenge for immunocompromised hosts who travel to or live in endemic regions or who receive organs or tissues from donors who travel or live in such areas. This review addresses Dengue (DENV), Chikungunya (CHIKV), and Zika (ZIKV) infections in hematological patients, hematopoietic cell or solid organ transplant recipients, and people with HIV (PWH). Recent findings . Transmission is mainly due through Aedes mosquito bite. DENV and ZIKV may also be transmitted through b…
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
. . Journal Name: The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume: 110 Issue: 6 Pages: 1178-1179. .
Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Ahead of Print.
Emerg Microbes Infect
Volume 13, Issue 1, December 2024 .
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 121, Issue 21, May 2024.
Science, Volume 384, Issue 6693, Page 260-260, April 2024.
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
. . Journal Name: The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume: 110 Issue: 4 Pages: 724-730. .
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
. . Journal Name: The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume: 110 Issue: 4 Pages: 731-737. .
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Immunology and Inflammation
PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2023.
PLoS One Infectious Diseases
by Victor Hugo Aquino, Marcilio J. Fumagalli, Angélica Silva, Bento Vidal de Moura Negrini, Alejandra Rojas, Yvalena Guillen, Cynthia Bernal, Luiz Tadeu Moraes Figueiredo . The arrival of the Zika virus (ZIKV) in dengue virus (DENV)-endemic areas has posed challenges for both differential diagnosis and vaccine development. Peptides have shown promise in addressing these issues. The aim of this study was to identify the linear epitope profile recognized by serum samples from dengue and Zika patients in the…
The COVID-19 pandemic halted research and support for many thousands of children affected by the spread of Zika virus in Brazil. Lise Alves reports from São Paulo.
BMJ Open
. Introduction. Aedes mosquitoes are the primary vectors for the spread of viruses like dengue (DENV), zika (ZIKV) and chikungunya (CHIKV), all of which affect humans. Those diseases contribute to global public health issues because of their great dispersion in rural and urban areas. Mathematical and statistical models have become helpful in understanding these diseases’ epidemiological dynamics. However, modelling the complexity of a real phenomenon, such as a viral disease, should consider several facto…
PLoS One Infectious Diseases
…valho, Marcela Guimarães Landim, Maria Letícia Duarte Lima, Cíntia Bittar, Beatriz Carvalho de Araújo Oliveira Faria, Paula Rahal, Milena Campelo Freitas de Lima, Valdir Florêncio da Veiga Junior, Graziella Anselmo Joanitti, Marilia Freitas Calmon . Zika virus (ZIKV) has spread all over the world since its major outbreak in 2015. This infection has been recognized as a major global health issue due to the neurological complications related to ZIKV infection, such as Guillain–Barré Syndrome and Zika
International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Zika virus (ZIKV) was discovered by virus isolation from a sentinel monkey in the Zika forest in Uganda in 1947 [1,2]. Subsequently, the virus was isolated from Aedes mosquitoes in Uganda in 1948 [1,2] and from a man in Nigeria in 1954 [2,3]. The first reliable evidence of the existence of ZIKV in Asia was the GenBank sequencing data of the ZIKV originating from a pool of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Malaysia in 1966 [4]. Nevertheless, ZIKV probably emerged in Uganda around 1920 (most likely between 1892 and…
Journal of Infectious Diseases
AbstractZika virus has been circulating in Thailand since 2002 through continuous but likely low-level circulation. Here, we describe an infection in a pregnant woman who travelled to Thailand and South America during her pregnancy. By combining phylogenetic analysis with the patient’s travel history and her pregnancy timeline, we confirmed that she likely got infected in Thailand at the end of the year 2021. This imported case of microcephaly highlights that ZIKV circulation in the country still constitu…
PLoS One Infectious Diseases
by Shanchita Ghosh, Teddy Salan, Jessica Riotti, Amrutha Ramachandran, Ivan A. Gonzalez, Emmalee S. Bandstra, Fiama L. Reyes, Samita S. Andreansky, Varan Govind, Gaurav Saigal . Background Infants with congenital Zika syndrome (CZS) are known to exhibit characteristic brain abnormalities. However, the brain anatomy of Zika virus (ZIKV)-exposed infants, born to ZIKV-positive pregnant mothers, who have normal-appearing head characteristics at birth, has not been evaluated in detail. The aim of this prospecti…
Journal of Medical Virology
Journal of Medical Virology, Volume 95, Issue 7, July 2023.

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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
This report describes autism spectrum disorder diagnoses among children with possible prenatal Zika virus exposure.
Zika virus -- Abstract---------BackgroundWe report 2-year persistence of immune response to Takeda's prophylactic purified formalin-inactivated whole Zika virus vaccine candidate (TAK-426) compared with that observed after natural infection.MethodsA randomized, observer-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-selection, phase 1 trial was conducted in 18-49-year-old adults at 9 centers (7 in the United States, 2 in Puerto Rico) from 13 Nov 2017 to 24 Nov 2020. Primary objectives were safety,
Eurosurveillance latest updates
. Background. Suriname, a country endemic for dengue virus (DENV), is a popular destination for Dutch travellers visiting friends and relatives and tourist travellers. Chikungunya and Zika virus (CHIKV, ZIKV) were introduced in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Data on infection risks among travellers are limited. Aim. We aimed to prospectively study incidence rate (IR) and determinants for DENV, ZIKV and CHIKV infection in adult travellers to Suriname from 2014 through 2017. Methods. Participants kept a travel …
Zika virus -- World Health Organzation/Pan American Health Organization: cases of Zika virus infectionSouth America-------------Brazil:- National- Tocatins stateAsia----India (Pune, Maharashtra state)[2] Outcome of prenatal Zika virus exposure[3] Preschool neurodevelopment[4] Americas: Zika risks******[1] Cases in various countries:Americas--------WHO/PAHO Cases of Zika virus infectionsCountry / Last report / Last case / Last Epi Week / Total cases / Conf.
Zika virus -- WHO/PAHO Cases of Zika virus infectionsSouth America-------------Brazil[2] Dendritic cell infection******[1] Cases in various countries:Americas--------WHO/PAHO Cases of Zika virus infectionsCountry / Last report / Last case / Last Epi Week / Total cases / Conf. cases / Imported / Deaths /North AmericaUSA / 22 Nov 2022 / 22 Oct 2022 / 1 / 45 [w/e 12 Nov 2022] / 4 / 0 / 4 / 0Central America and MexicoCosta Rica / 29 Oct 2022] / 1 Oct 2022 / 43 [w/e 29
Medscape Infectious Diseases
About 80% of people infected with Zika virus show no symptoms, and that's particularly problematic during pregnancy. .
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
This report describes the frequency of individual Zika-associated birth defects from the U.S. Zika Pregnancy and Infant Registry.
Zika virus -- Worldwide/UnknownAbstract---------Serological cross-reactivity among flaviviruses makes determining the prior arbovirus exposure of animals challenging in areas where multiple flavivirus strains are circulating. We hypothesized that prior infection with ZIKV could be confirmed through the presence of subgenomic flavivirus RNA (sfRNA) of the 3′ untranslated region (UTR), which persists in tissues due to XRN-1 stalling during RNA decay. We amplified ZIKV sfRNA but not NS5 from 3 experimentally…
Zika virus -- Costa RicaBackgroundZika virus (ZIKV) may cause severe congenital disease after maternal-fetal transmission. No vaccine is currently available. ObjectiveTo assess the safety and immunogenicity of Ad26.ZIKV.001, a prophylactic ZIKV vaccine candidate. DesignPhase 1 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. (ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT03356561) SettingUnited States. Participants100 healthy adult volunteers. InterventionAd26.ZIKV.001, an adenovirus serotype 26
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
This report describes that birth defects potentially related to Zika virus infection during pregnancy increased fourfold in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, areas with widespread local transmission of Zika virus during the study period.
Statens Serum Institut
Det europæiske center for sygdomsforebyggelse og –kontrol (ECDC) har rapporteret om tre tilfælde af infektion med zikavirus i Europa. Alle tre tilfælde er fra den samme by i Sydfrankrig.
Statens Serum Institut
Sundhedsstyrelsens og Statens Serum Instituts anbefalinger for danske rejsende og især for gravide er blevet ændret.
Statens Serum Institut
WHO, ECDC (det europæiske center for sygdomskontrol) og CDC (det amerikanske center for sygdomskontrol) har pr. 10. marts 2017 lavet en fælles landeklassifikation i forhold til risiko for smitte med zikavirus.
Statens Serum Institut
Det store flertal af de, der testes for zikavirus i Danmark, testes ud fra de gældende retningslinjer, viser interview med 115 testede.
Statens Serum Institut
Zikavirus-epidemien udbreder sig fortsat primært på det amerikanske kontinent. I alt 57 lande/områder i Nord-, Mellem- og Sydamerika, Caribien og stillehavsregionen, hvor Aedes-myggene er udbredt, har rapporteret om lokal smitte med zikavirus inden for de seneste 9 måneder. Heraf foregår aktuelt aktiv transmission i 52 lande/områder.
Statens Serum Institut
For første gang har man konstateret smitte med zikavirus overført ved stik af lokale Aedes-myg i Miami-området i staten Florida i USA. Gravide anbefales at udskyde ikke nødvendige rejser til de berørte områder.
Statens Serum Institut
Det er nu veletableret, at gravide (fosteret) er i særlig risiko ved smitte med zikavirus.
Statens Serum Institut
I 2015 blev det største udbrud af zikavirus til dato observeret i Syd- og Mellemamerika, og der er tiltagende holdepunkter for, at infektion hos gravide kvinder kan føre til fosterskader.

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